SRJThe theme for our 53rd Annual Meeting, “Pave it Forward”, is a twist on the popular phrase “pay it forward”, which is defined as an expression for the beneficiary of a good deed by repaying it to others instead of back to the original benefactor.

Our theme reflects the recognition of and importance we should all place on the blessings and good fortunes that have come to us from the concrete pavement industry. Like many children who grow up in a construction family, I started working at a very early age. My family’s livelihood has counted on concrete for over 50 years – and still does today. Forty years ago, my late father, Robins Jackson, served as the 13th Chairman of ACPA. In fact, Jackson Construction Company was one of the eight founding members. My dad had a fierce belief that everyone has a debt to the industry from which they earn their livelihood and that one key way to pay it forward is to become involved in organizations like ACPA. As your Chairman, I appreciate the opportunity I’ve had to pay it forward this year.

Being a part of a national organization affords many benefits, primarily the opportunity to affect change and give a hand up to others in the industry. Problem solving and networking with contractors who aren’t necessarily in direct competition is a huge benefit as well. Often only one good idea you may get from participation can more than pay for your entire national membership. Remember – when you participate in the Association you are doing your part to pave it forward to the industry and the generations who follow.

I invite you to visit the vibrant city of Austin, live music capital of the world, and to bring younger people from your company. Expose them to the technical updates, technology transfer and opportunities to meet others in an industry that is promoting, designing, supplying, and building concrete pavements. It’s an awesome opportunity to network with colleagues and make new friends. Our 3-day program includes many timely topics sure to be of interest to contractors. We are also excited to announce the formation of a new “Emerging Leaders” forum, which will serve to bring together future leaders of our industry. We hope you’ll encourage members from your team to get involved so that when the day comes they can pave it forward too!

Finally, please share the excitement of Austin, Texas! It will be a new ACPA experience being in a downtown hotel, immersed in Austin’s culturally diverse districts with inspiring cuisine, music and art. We have some great pre-arranged activities, starting with our special off-site welcome reception on Tuesday night.

As the 2016 ACPA Chairman, I urge contractors and all members to take a fresh look at your involvement in ACPA. I have appreciated my role as chairman and look forward to sharing and celebrating ACPA’s 53rd Annual Meeting and all that it has to offer the concrete pavement community. Let us help you connect even more closely with the Association and to continue “paving” your benefits forward!

Steve Jackson
President, Cedar Valley Corp., LLC